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Epimed is a development, design, manufacturing, and distribution company that has been creating innovative products for over 30 years. Our strength has been in the invention of specialty devices in the area of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management. We continue to develop original systems with the focus on physician education, training, reimbursement and patient safety.
Control Number: WC-100 Rev. 3
Epimed manufactures Racz® Catheters, epidural introducer needles, like the RX-2™, Coudé® Blunt Nerve Block Needles, Specialty Needles, Standard Needles & Radiation Safety.
Offering innovative products designed for performing accurate and effective RF procedures, our products include the R-FTM Cannula, Grounding Pads and Thermocouples.
Over 30 years ago, our foundation started in Regional Anesthesia with the invention of spring wound catheter technology and the development of the Wiley Spinal®.
We work with physicians and inventors to develop safer and efficacious products. With our experience, we are able to simplify product development.

Upcoming Events
ASIPP 17th Annual Meeting
09th April, 2015
SOAP Sol Schnider Meeting
12th March, 2015
Latest News
Medicare Reimbursement Cuts and ICD-10 Delayed
04th April, 2014
According to the Washington Post, The Senate voted Monday evening to pass a so-called "doc fix" bill approved last week by the House, the 17th time Congress has acted since 2003 to temporarily delay cuts to doctor reimbursements under Medicare.
2014 Medicare Reimbursement Cuts
01st January, 2014
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) posted the 2014 final rules for physician payments, hospital outpatient (HOPD) and ambulatory surgical centers (ASC). New rates will be effective January 1, 2014.